PAA Innovation: Brainerd Celebrates 5 Years of Transformative Growth

The 5th anniversary of Brainerd Chemical’s Danville facility opening reminds us of the progressive steps our leadership team have taken to streamline our distribution processes and expand our capabilities into a strategic hybrid supply network that provides customers with flexible PAA solutions and a resiliently dependable supply chain that maximizes efficiencies.

With the addition of two state-of-the-art PAA production facilities – our Scooba, MS location opening in 2022 and Seaford, DE in 2023, President Brian Miller commented, “We are excited about how our strategic network streamlines our customers supply chain through the highest quality products, packaged to their specifications and safely delivered on demand.”

Brainerd Chemical companies’ hybrid supplier model allows our customers to boost bottom line growth through fully integrated services. Simplifying operations through a single partner reduces potential biases and inefficiencies often inherent within traditional supply practices by unifying three fundamental supply chain benefits:

Product Manufacturing Expertise –highly skilled chemical experts offer in-house blending, quality control, custom solutions, and flexible production capabilities.

Logistics Services – robust warehouse, inventory management and inbound/outbound logistics capabilities provide lower total system costs by consolidating inventory across the entire supply chain, including taking inventory off customers’ floors and delivering goods on an as-needed basis.

Integrated Solutions – such as custom packaging and white-label solutions further streamline operations, reduce operational costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Growing PAA Demand

With the rise of PAA as a preferred sanitizer, disinfectant, sterilant and bleach across a broad range of industries, sourcing from a hybrid supplier able to provide reliable supply-chain resilience is a critical advantage.

The market for PAA is projected to grow significantly, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the United States of 5.1% and 7.4% globally through 2028.

A major factor contributing to this growth is the increased use of PAA in industrial wastewater treatment, where it is favored for its effectiveness as a disinfectant and its environmentally friendly properties. The disinfectant segment is expected to hold 41.2% of the market share in 2024 due to its extensive use in industries such as food processing, healthcare, and agriculture​.

Water treatment facilities are eager to transition to peracetic acid products as they aim to meet stringent regulatory standards and efficiently control microbial contamination and biofilm formation with safer, more eco-friendly solutions.

In healthcare, the demand for PAA is projected to account for 34.3% of the market share in 2024, driven by its application in sterilizing medical instruments, surfaces, and equipment.

Oil and gas producers use PAA to scavenge hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, and other contaminants from drilling, completion, and production waters while avoiding the harmful byproducts and safety hazards of traditional chemicals.

Hybrid Supplier Benefits to Buyers

Integrating a hybrid supplier like Brainerd Chemical into your supply chain helps companies by:

  • Growth-focused advice. With growth mindset and resources to execute, hybrid suppliers bring innovations that help reduce expenses, accelerate revenue growth and improve safe and responsible operations to you.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Through a comprehensive solution portfolio, hybrid suppliers often facilitate growth and reveal cost savings through experience, analysis, and access to a wide array of services for different customers helping you be more efficient and potentially boost your growth trajectory.
  • Reduced overhead: Through strategic logistics networks, hybrid suppliers can hold and deliver goods on-demand, freeing up storage, handling, insuring, and administration resources.
  • Flexibility and speed to market: Improve time to market through lower minimum-order sizes and in-stock availability. This allows for faster time-to-market for you.
  • Turnkey services and SPOC coordination: One call can replace many while also improving quality consistency and ensuring acute accountability. The same consolidation role benefits geographically spread organizations, where hybrid suppliers like Brainerd provide a strategic network serving your full business footprint.
  • Simplified operations: With a wide array of products, valuable services, and flexible solutions, a hybrid supplier can replace many single-purpose vendors. Our single-point of contact allows you to cut back on administration and focus on what you do best.


By integrating advanced production facilities and leveraging a hybrid supplier model, Brainerd Chemical provides its customers with unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and customized solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, logistics, and integrated services not only streamlines operations but also supports significant bottom-line growth for its clients. As the demand for PAA continues to rise across various industries, Brainerd is well-positioned to meet these needs with innovative and eco-friendly solutions. This comprehensive approach meets current market demands while anticipating significant future growth. Celebrating five years of success at the Danville facility marks just the beginning of Brainerd’s continued evolution and leadership in providing exceptional PAA solutions.

About Brainerd Chemical Company:

Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distributing chemical products to a wide variety of industrial sectors.

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Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distributing chemical products to a wide variety of industrial sectors.