Brainerd Joins Omni Chem 136 Alliance

Tulsa, OK // January 1, 2024 // Brainerd Chemical Company, a leading U.S. based chemical manufacturer and hybrid distributor headquartered in Tulsa, OK, has joined the Omni-Chem 136 alliance effective January 1, 2024.

Omni-Chem 136 is the largest global alliance of regional independent chemical distributors working to provide an extensive range of supply chain solutions for both customers and chemical manufacturers throughout the Americas and Europe.

“The Omni-Chem 136 alliance of world class companies offers the blueprint for Brainerd’s evolving and ever-changing focus on the business of chemistry.” says Mathew Brainerd, CEO Brainerd Chemical Company, Inc. “I appreciate the Omni-Chem 136 member companies welcoming the Brainerd team and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves as together we write the next chapter for innovation.”

Fred A. Buehler, Managing Director Omni-Chem 136 commented, “Their [Brainerd Chemical Company] unwavering commitment to innovative customer solutions, safety and responsible distribution aligns with the values of the Omni-Chem alliance. Together we look forward to working alongside Brainerd Chemical to push the boundaries of what is possible through our global alliance of independent chemical distributors.”

About the Omni-Chem 136 Alliance:

With more than 150 locations, 40 million gallons of bulk storage, 8 million square feet of warehousing capacity and 2,400 employees, the Omni-Chem136 alliance has the capability, experience and resources for large scale integrated chemical distribution while at the same time delivering products and services to customers in a flexible, personalized approach, typical of a smaller scale independent distributor. The 16 member companies are globally competitive and locally responsive, offering a diversified range of products and services that touch essentially every segment of the chemical industry from commodity industrial chemicals to specialty ingredients.

About Brainerd Chemical Company

Brainerd Chemical is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States. Brainerd Chemical manufactures, blends, packages and distributes custom industrial chemical products serving a broad array of industries.

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Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distributing chemical products to a wide variety of industrial sectors.