As an NACD recognized Responsible Distributor, our team is dedicated to continuously improving health, safety, security, and environmental procedures in every phase of chemical manufacturing, production, service, storage, handling, transportation and disposal.

Simply stated, ‘Brainerd Chemical Company safely handles the hazardous materials no one else wants to.’

We believe in the power of our ‘B-Safe: Success by Purpose’ motto. It drives us to consistently get things done right the first time, every time, regardless of cost. Every Brainerd employee is expected to promote a culture of safety by continuously striving for the safest way forward. And every employee is empowered to stop, review and improve any process they feel can be made safer. It’s an approach that helps our team foster a positive, healthier environment for our staff, customers and the communities we live and work in. Brainerd Chemical strives for open, transparent and frequent communication with the local, state, and federal organizations with whom we work as we stand ready to serve as a key industry resource for guidance and assistance upon request.