Brainerd’s Domestic HF Acid Supply Advantage

As the leader in supplying domestically produced hydrofluoric acid, with an offering that reshapes industry expectations, the Brainerd team focuses on providing HF solutions delivered to the precise needs of each customer. Brainerd Chemical Company is proud to be one of the few U.S. based companies that dares to supply the Hydrofluoric Acid that so many businesses rely on to produce the goods and services consumers depend on.

Hydrofluoric Acid buyers tend to focus on two major concerns: reliable supply and tailored solutions. Brainerd Chemical is more than a supplier—we are a solutions provider who understands that each customer has unique needs.

The call for domestically produced goods has never been louder than it is now. International friction and supply chain bottlenecks threaten production efficiency. Brainerd Chemical answers this call by ensuring a steady, on-time supply of high-quality domestically produced HF delivered in drums, totes or bulk tankers. And Brainerd supplies HF in a variety of technical grade concentrations as well as custom blends.

Safe and timely delivery plays a pivotal role in operational efficiency says Tom Klenke, VP Sales for Chemgroup Corp, “Brainerd supplies high quality domestically produced material delivered on bulk tankers to us timely,” Tom’s comment emphasizes the trust industry veterans have in Brainerd Chemical’s capabilities and their appreciation for Brainerd’s ability to help U.S. companies reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

Through Brainerd Chemical’s unique ability to provide comprehensive services, buyers are better able to bolster supply chain resilience, prioritize product integrity and support our domestic economy while ensuring operational safety, environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Brainerd Chemical Hydrofluoric Acid Supply Capability

Brainerd Chemical Company offers Aqueous Hydrofluoric Acid available in laboratory (technical) grade and delivered in drums, totes or bulk tanker. Brainerd supplies industries across the globe with hydrofluoric acid 49% and 70% solutions or cut into various concentration and/or custom-blends to customer specifications including other products like nitric acid.

Brainerd Chemical Company’s bulk transport solutions, strategic network of facilities and position as a hybrid distributor gives our customers a range of advantages:

Scalable Transportation Solutions

Brainerd customers often need scalable transportation solutions to accommodate varying chemical supply volumes. Through its bulk transport capabilities, the company provides flexible options tailored to meet specific requirements, whether it’s large-scale deliveries or smaller, more frequent shipments. Leveraging state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure and a fleet of specialized vehicles staffed with highly trained worker, Brainerd ensures efficient handling and distribution of chemicals, enabling customers to optimize their operations without compromising on reliability or cost-effectiveness.

Safe and Compliant Delivery

Safety and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable aspects of chemical transportation. Brainerd Chemical Company prioritizes these concerns, implementing rigorous safety protocols and adhering to industry regulations throughout its transportation processes. From meticulously maintained vehicles to trained personnel proficient in handling hazardous materials, every aspect of Brainerd’s bulk transport operations is designed to guarantee the safe and secure delivery of chemicals. By entrusting their transportation needs to Brainerd, customers can rest assured that their products will reach their destination unscathed and in full compliance to the highest standards.

Focus on Environmental Responsibility

Brainerd Chemical Company’s unique ability to deliver HF in bulk, fortified by a strategic network of facilities and its hybrid distribution model, empowers customers with a diverse array of advantages. From scalable solutions tailored to individual needs to unwavering commitments to safety and environmental responsibility, Brainerd sets the standard for excellence in chemical distribution.

What is Hydrofluoric Acid?

Hydrofluoric acid, also known as aqueous HF, is a highly corrosive solution of the chemical compound  hydrogen fluoride in water. It is used mainly for industrial purposes, for example, glass etching, metal cleaning, electronics manufacturing, etc.

Hydrofluoric acid is produced from the mineral fluorspar, also known as calcium fluoride and concentrated sulfuric acid. When combined at 250°C, these two substances react to produce hydrogen fluoride. It is a colorless, fuming liquid or gas that is comprised of a hydrogen atom and a fluorine atom. The dissolved form is called hydrofluoric acid.

The Importance of Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrofluoric acid is a chemical workhorse that underpins a vast array of industrial applications and numerous everyday products. Understanding hydrofluoric acid’s multifaceted role illuminates the double-edged sword of chemical innovation—vastly beneficial yet demanding of careful stewardship.

The Hydrofluoric Acid Market is driven by increasing demand in electronics, petroleum refining, and metal industries.

A Catalyst in Industrial Innovation

At its core, hydrofluoric acid is celebrated for its unparalleled effectiveness across several critical sectors. In semiconductor manufacturing—a cornerstone of the digital age—HF is indispensable for wet chemical etching, a process that precisely carves silicon wafers into microelectronic devices. This intricate task requires the unique properties of aqueous HF to achieve the nano-level precision integral to powering our smartphones, computers, and a myriad of other gadgets.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is the most effective mineral acid for breaking up strong Si–O bonds to form SiF6− 2 ions in acidic solution.

Glass etching and frosting uses HF to transform ordinary glass into works of art, utilitarian frosted surfaces as well as lab equipment and optical components.

In the pharmaceutical industry, HF serves as a building block in synthesizing essential drugs.

Hydrofluoric Acid is versatile and indispensable in maintaining the modern lifestyle and its conveniences with its role in producing refrigerants, herbicides, high-octane gasoline, aluminum, plastics, and electrical components. Industrial uses include:

  • Electroplating Acid Metal Cleaners – Oxide Removers
  • Glass Etching and Frosting
  • Flotation Agents Depressants – Non sulfide Ores
  • Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing Pickling Acids
  • Laboratory Chemicals Acids, Other Chemicals (non-salts)
  • Oil Refineries Catalyst to Produce High-Octane Fuel Additives
  • Oil well acidizing
  • Refrigeration Manufacture of Fluorocarbons
  • Semiconductors
  • Wet Chemical Etching
  • Aluminum production
  • Stainless Steel pickling

An Invisible Presence in Consumer Products

Households worldwide would be very different without hydrofluoric acid. An array of common consumer products owes their efficacy to HF, from rust removers and detergents that tackle stubborn stains, to specialized cleaners for marble, brick, and stone that preserve the beauty of our homes.

Automotive care products such as aluminum wheel cleaners and air conditioner coil cleaners rely on HF’s powerful properties to rejuvenate and maintain vehicles. Even the gleam on chrome, brass, and crystal items can be attributed to cleaning agents containing HF. Additionally, the battle against water spots on various surfaces is often won thanks to removers formulated with this acid.

Common consumer products containing hydrofluoric acid include rust removers, detergents, marble, brick and stone cleaning, toilet bowl cleaners, insecticides, automobile wheel cleaners, air conditioner cleaners and fluorescent light bulbs. Consumer uses include:

  • Air-conditioning unit coil cleaners
  • Aluminum automotive wheel cleaners
  • Chrome, brass, and crystal cleaners
  • Masonry cleaners
  • Rust stain remover
  • Truck and commercial car washing compounds
  • Water spot remover

Safety Through Awareness

It is imperative to acknowledge risks associated with hydrofluoric acid and handle it with utmost respect and caution. The industrial and commercial use of HF necessitates stringent safety protocols to prevent harm, given its corrosive nature and potential health risks upon exposure.

For consumers, choosing products that contain hydrofluoric acid warrants mindful adherence to usage instructions. Properly understanding and respecting the chemical’s power ensures not only personal safety but also the sustained benefits of the diverse applications it supports.

Industry Leadership and Innovation

Recognized as a Top 100 chemical distributor by the ACD, Brainerd Chemical is a privately-held company that has grown to become one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States.

The Brainerd team is dedicated to continuously improving chemical transportation by shaping a more responsible chemical industry focused on innovation and more environmentally sustainable solutions.

Fred A. Buehler, Managing Director Omni-Chem 136 agreed when he stated, “Their unwavering commitment to innovative customer solutions, safety and responsible distribution aligns with the values of the Omni-Chem alliance.  Together we look forward to working alongside Brainerd Chemical to push the boundaries of what is possible through our global alliance of independent chemical distributors.”

The Brainerd Difference

Brainerd Chemical stands at the forefront of domestic Hydrofluoric Acid supply – no other supplier can match our capability, expertise, services, support or commitment to safety we provide for every HF grade we offer.

As a strategic partner to businesses reliant on technical-grade hydrofluoric acid Brainerd Chemical elevates the game through 100% domestic sourcing and customer-focused solutions. Their unique ability to produce custom HF blends, and provide timely, bulk deliveries of domestically produced material, positions Brainerd Chemical as a leader in the hydrofluoric acid supply sector.

Choosing Brainerd Chemical means not only aligning with a supplier but partnering with an innovator in the industry—a company that recognizes the complexities of your operations and is committed to addressing them through tailored solutions, grounded in safety and reliability. For hydrofluoric acid buyers and manufacturers seeking a dependable, forward-thinking partner, Brainerd Chemical presents an unrivaled choice.

By prioritizing domestically produced hydrofluoric acid and offering comprehensive services tailored to their clients’ unique needs, Brainerd Chemical doesn’t just supply a product; they provide peace of mind and a competitive edge in a challenging market while setting a new standard for excellence in the chemical supply industry.


Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the United States. As a manufacturer and hybrid distributor with a strategic network of facilities located in Oklahoma, Illinois, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Delaware. Brainerd Chemical Companies’ dedicated team of engineers, chemists and skilled technicians are high-hazard chemistry specialists proudly leading the way in safe, responsible chemical manufacturing and supply.



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Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distributing chemical products to a wide variety of industrial sectors.