Brainerd Chemical Locations Near You

Did you know that Brainerd Chemical has facilities in six different U.S. cities? Each of our locations safely transports the highest-quality chemical products that we manufacture, blend, package, and warehouse. 

We know how important trust and reliability are to you and every stakeholder we serve. You’ll get flexible sourcing  tailored to your needs.

Our hybrid network encompasses central and eastern U.S., enabling us to expedite orders saving our customers valuable time. Our facilities are strategically situated in Illinois, Delaware, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. The powerful combination facilities with highly-trained staff means we’re able to safely provide the supplies you need, swiftly, efficiently, and for less cost than a traditional, non-hybrid distributor.

About Brainerd Chemical Company: 

Brainerd Chemical safely provides hazardous chemical solutions serving our nation’s custom chemical manufacturing and distribution needs. A is a privately-held company and one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, Brainerd Chemical manufactures, blends, packages and distributes custom industrial chemical products and services.

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SOURCE: Brainerd Chemical Company