50 for 50 Site Visit Challenge Winner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. ARLINGTON, VA, January 6, 2022 – Brainerd Chemical Company honored for hosting the most legislator site visits to champion the cause of the Chemical industry in the face of ongoing supply chain difficulties and the problems with the ocean carriers and port backlogs.

Engaging our nation’s leaders in discussions about safety and responsibility pays off. Mat Brainerd and his team at Brainerd Chemical Company, Inc., led the way in ACD’s 50 for 50 Site Challenge.

“Thank you to the ACD (formerly known as the NACD) for recognizing Brainerd as the 50 for 50 Site Visit Challenge winner. We always look forward to discussing industry issues with legislators and hope to continue site visits in the new year. Congrats to the other rock star organizations who were also honored!” said Mat Brainerd.

ACD members and legislators find site visits invaluable for fostering relationships, exchanging insights, and highlighting challenges and opportunities within the chemical industry and the 750,000+ businesses that depend on chemical suppliers. A standout event was U.S. Senator James Lankford’s tour of Brainerd Chemical Companies Tuttle, Oklahoma facility which focuses on serving the chemical needs of the oil & gas, animal health and food safety industries. Discussions emphasized the role of peracetic acid and sustainable chemical solutions.

What is the 50 for 50 Site Challenge?

In honor of the ACD’s 50th Anniversary, the organization created an initiative to facilitate in-person chemical production and distribution facility site visits with congressional policymakers. In-district site visits give legislators direct insight into the important work performed inside chemical supplier facilities so that the 750,000+ businesses nationwide that depend on them can get the chemical supplies they need to keep our economy strong.

About Brainerd Chemical Company

Brainerd Chemical has specialized in high hazard chemistries and their transportation. Brainerd creates, builds and manages specialized manufactured chemistries. As a hybrid distributor, we’re transforming the industry, supporting clients with faster, safer and more efficient delivery. Our robust rail terminals and bulk storage warehouses are strategically positioned across the U.S. for domestic and international delivery.

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Brainerd Chemical Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of chemicals and related services in the continental United States, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distributing chemical products to a wide variety of industrial sectors.