Brainerd Chemical Partners with Biotech Startup Bioeutectics

Tulsa, OK // May 2, 2024 // Brainerd Chemical company signs manufacturing agreement with Bioeutectics, a biotech startup developing greener industrial solvents with a higher environmental, health, and safety profile.

Brainerd Chemical C.O.O. Neil Morgan commented, “we’re proud of this partnership and our opportunity to lead change from within the chemical industry by championing more innovative and environmentally responsible chemical solutions that our customers want.”

Bio-based and derived from 100% sustainable sources, eutectic solvents benefit the environment and provide versatile, safe, and innovative solutions for a variety of industries. Bioeutectics is currently developing products able to effectively replace ethanol, methanol, acetonitrile, ether, ethylene glycols, propylene glycol, chloroform, dimethyl sulfoxide, turpentine, propanol, ethyl acetate, and amines.

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