PAA: The Best Biocide for Oil & Gas Producers

PAA is an eco-friendly biocide solution for oil and gas producers that reduces the risks of fines, risks to the environment and overall application cost without the harmful byproducts and safety risks associated with traditional chemistries.

VIDEO: PAA is an effective and sustainable biocide solution for the oil & gas industry.

Leading oil and gas producers are adopting the use Brainerd Chemical Companies Terrastat® line of specialty PAA blends into their water management programs because we have the largest US capacity for PAA production, strategic network of manufacturing locations, built in redundancies and best-in-class customer service. And, our advanced technology gives you specialized products and extended services like blending, packaging and transportation.

“We’re making this a cleaner and safer planet by providing peracetic acid to our customers”

– Mat Brainerd, CEO Brainerd Chemical Company

With high oxidation potential, PAA is a faster, more effective biocide. It’s ready to use without the need for onsite mixing. PAA complies with new legal guidelines protecting your investment while also protecting the land.

“It (PAA) is safer, all the while protecting and cleaning the land during the production process.”

– Brian Miller, President Brainerd Chemical Company

Producers use peracetic acid solutions to scavenge hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, and other contaminants from drilling, completion, and production waters.  It is used in drilling mud, workover & completion fluids, water flooding operations, saltwater disposals and injection wells among other applications.


Brainerd Chemical Companies dedicated team of engineers, chemists and skilled technicians proudly serve as an industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of peracetic acid. Our expertise in oxygenation and oxidative chemistry sets us apart, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions through an extensive range of peracetic acid products registered as sanitizers, disinfectants, and antimicrobial agents through the EPA, FDA, and USDA.

Brainerd Chemical Company offers specialty PAA blends under the following tradenames: Terrastat® 15, Terrastat® 15-S, Terrastat® 15-OF, Terrastat® 5-S, Terrastat® 22 and Terrastat® 22-S

Brainerd Chemical safely manufactures, blends, packages, and distributes custom industrial chemical products and services.



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