Peracetic Acid (PAA)

Brainerd Chemical has the capability to produce Specialty Blends of Peracetic Acid for several different industries. We specialize in the use of Peracetic Acid in Food Safety, Oil and Gas, and Water Treatment industries. Using specific formulations, we can develop a custom blend for your needs.

Other industries we can offer PAA in include agricultural premises, food establishments, medical facilities, dairy/cheese processing plants, on food processing equipment, and for pasteurizers in breweries, wineries, and beverage plants. It can also be used for disinfection of medical supplies, to prevent bio film formation in pulp industries, and as a water purifier and disinfectant. Brainerd Chemical has the expertise in customizing your blend in order to accommodate your requirements.

The food production industry has been looking for a safe alternative for killing microorganisms that can develop during the production process. Peracetic acid is a very effective biocide and it quickly reacts in the environment to break down to harmless byproducts. Peracetic acid is finding applications across the food spectrum from dairy to produce to meat processing and is being increasingly adopted. PAA is an effective sanitizer that is active against many microorganisms and their spores as well as effective in removing biofilms. It is more active than hypochlorites and some research has found that chlorine/hypochlorite can react with fats and proteins to form various chlorinated compounds some of which are potentially carcinogenic. However, PAA does not have this problem. There are no toxic byproducts associated with peracetic acid and it imparts no taste or odor to the treated food.

Brainerd Chemical uses innovative products like PAA to sustain its position in the chemical business. We want to be able to provide the absolute best products in many different industries.